Onward Search Opens London Office

The digital creative sphere just keeps on expanding, and that”s why Onward Search continues right alongside it. We’ve made a name for ourselves by bringing together the world”s top creative talents in the digital arena with the employers who can offer them the very best opportunities. We’ve catered for illustrators in Illinois, content creators in California, and now we”ve crossed the pond and landed in London.

International development
Why have we so successfully spread through America, and now into Europe? Quite simply, we have the best talent FINDING the best talent. Our recruiters are out there attending events, trade shows, conducting the research, reading the latest blogs, all while maintaining and growing our network of contacts and trusted partners. These are the contacts that we hook you up with, and the list just keeps getting bigger and more prestigious.

To meet the demands of our international clients, we’’re offering our expertise in London. We manage digital and creative talent – from designers and developers to producers and UX professionals. Although we’’re an international outfit, we’’re local and personable in every sense, with a deep understanding of candidate and client environments.

Why are we different?
This is what makes us so different from other agencies out there – we stay connected. When we match talent with talent, our knowledge base grows. We”re in the best possible position to stay updated with changing skill demands, salary expectations, and career resources tailored to your specific requirements. Being based in such a wide range of metropolitan centres means we have an intimate understanding of how different industries work across different locations.

All of this is invaluable to our clients, whoever they may be. Freelance, contract, enterprise accounts, all of the digital creative force in America and Europe are connected through the Onward Search network. With our arrival in London, now is the time to be part of the incredible wealth of resources we have at our fingertips.

Superior recruitment for creatives, designers and UX professionals
We may be a powerhouse of recruitment, but we don”t make you jump through hoops to get on board – we know how valuable time is. A one-page application is all it takes to begin your search for the next stage of your digital career.

Because we live and breathe creative, East London was an easy choice for our first European office. If you want to get a better understanding of what we”re all about and how you could take advantage of what we can offer, drop in and see us.