Social Media Presence
Found that dream job? The one that you feel you were made for, and could bring flair to it like no-one else could? You and about a thousand others, unfortunately. The simple fact is, the more desirable a job is, the more people are going to be clambering over one another to make sure it’s them shaking hands with the boss after a successful interview.

If you want to make that job yours and keep the competition at bay, you’re going to have to learn how to play the game. We’re not talking playing dirty, we’re talking about learning the simple ways to stay ahead of your peers, making sure it’s you who stands out from the crowd. In the world of digital creative careers, the competition in being noticeable is as tough as it comes.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait to actually find the job you want to begin making yourself more desirable to employers. Social media is a powerful tool, and you can begin shaping your online persona today by following our list of dos and don’ts. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a guide that will help get you started, nonetheless:


  • Set up a LinkedIn profile and use keywords in it that employers in your field will be looking for (without going over the top and keyword stuffing).
  • Follow as many relevant companies in your industry as possible to keep up to date with the latest news and developments. This also shows you have a keen interest in the field.
  • Take part in discussions on Twitter relating to your digital creative interests.
  • Join online groups with likeminded people – you never know who you may end up networking with (off and online).


  • Remember that whatever you post online STAYS online – those questionable photographs or heat of the moment rants about your former employers could come back to haunt you (check your privacy settings across your social accounts).
  • Don’t describe yourself as ‘unemployed’ or ‘job seeking’. Instead, find ways to show how you’ve been pursuing your own projects or expanding your skills between jobs.
  • Show love for the other social networks relevant to your field – Pinterest is an essential tool for those in the visual creative business.
  • Keep your accounts updated – you get what you put into social media. Stay active to show you have things to say and content to share.

Finally, there’s a way to showcase your skills without waiting for the interview. This may sound obvious, but your CV doesn’t have to be the traditional bland rattling off of previous achievements that many think it has to be. Whether you’re a graphic designer, video editor or content planner, you have the skills already to jump to the front of the queue by introducing yourself in a memorable way. Infographics, short video productions, or even a dedicated interactive site – these can all take the place of a CV to get you noticed amongst your peers.

And, above all else, remember: Working one-on-one with a recruiter specific to your field of expertise is a top way of getting noticed by employers. These recruiters are your direct line of contact with the hiring managers who can grant you your dream job.

Contact Onward Search London today, to learn how we can help you do just that.