Onward Search 2017 Growth

RELEASE: Onward Search Poised for Growth in 2017

Onward Search, a staffing firm serving the digital and creative communities across the UK and Europe, has made a series of moves to position themselves for significant growth in 2017. The company opened its European headquarters in London in 2015 and is coming off a significant growth year in 2016 highlighted by the acquisition of Move Agency.

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Digital Creative Skills

With Digital Everywhere, Creatives Need to Build Their Skills

As a member of the creative industries, you have more exposure than most to the ever-increasing scope of the digital world. In the past 10-15 years, there has been such a monumental shift towards connectivity and innovation that we’ve all been carried along without a choice, really. That said, it’s really up to you to make sure that your skills are not stagnating and to make the most out of the opportunities out there in this digital sphere.

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Social Media Presence

How To Use Social Media To Stand Out From the Crowd

Found that dream job? The one that you feel you were made for, and could bring flair to it like no-one else could? You and about a thousand others, unfortunately. The simple fact is, the more desirable a job is, the more people are going to be clambering over one another to make sure it’s them shaking hands with the boss after a successful interview.

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Onward Search Opens London Office

Onward Search Touches Down in London

The digital creative sphere just keeps on expanding, and that''s why Onward Search continues right alongside it. We''ve made a name for ourselves by bringing together the world''s top creative talents in the digital arena with the employers who can offer them the very best opportunities. We''ve catered for illustrators in Illinois, content creators in California, and now we''ve crossed the pond and landed in London.

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